go away johnny


Autumn 2018


go away johnny


Some memories are so clear, that even if they happened years ago, they feel like yesterday. Others come back only for a moment in an encounter, a touch, a conversation. But how much of what we think we remember, actually happened?

Six performers search for connection with each other through a series of half remembered conversations and movements.


The first phase of development for this piece began in February 2017 supported by Arts Council England. We created a 40 minute piece which premiered at DanceCity, Newcastle, UK on 23rd March and was also shown at ARC Stockton on 1st April and again at DanceCity, Newcastle on 6th April as part of Northern Platforms. With further support from Arts Council England, DanceCity and ARC the piece has become our first full length work. 


Watch the TRAILER here.

Choreography by Peter Groom. Dramaturgy by Kai Green

Jen Carss, Ian Garside, George Siena, Alex Rowland, Alys North, Charlie Dearnley, Rosie Terry Toogood

Producer- Phil Douglas

Photos by Nicola Hunter